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by Friday, December 16, 2016

The Yorkiepoo, also called Yorkiedoodle or Yo-Yopoo, is one of the designer dogs crossing between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Toy or Miniature Poodle. This designer dog is still fairly new, emerging only about a decade ago. However, Yorkiepoos are becoming popular nowadays.

Entertaining, energetic, and affectionate — these are just a few things to expect from a Yorkiepoo. What else should you look forward to in getting a Yorkiepoo? Could this mixed breed dog be the furry friend perfect for you? Find out more about the Yorkiepoo as you scroll on!

Learn About Yorkiepoo Dogs and Puppies

What is a Yorkiepoo?

The Yorkiepoo is not yet recognized as a breed by the American Kennel Club. However, the American Hybrid Canine Club along with other recognized clubs such as Designer Breed Registry and Designer Dog Kennel Club, accepted the Yorkiepoo as a breed. In time, Yorkiepoos gained popularity as loving dogs to people longing for companionship, including older children. Ready to get to know more about the Yorkiepoo? Read on!


What does a Yorkiepoo look like?

What does a Yorkiepoo look like? | Yorkiepoo Dogs and Puppies | Dog Breeds Journal

Image via 101 Dog Breeds

Being a toy breed, the Yorkiepoo is a small-sized pooch. This breed has dark, rounded shape eyes and ears that normally fall to its side of the head. The height of a Yorkiepoo may range from seven to fifteen inches and could weigh from three to fourteen pounds. Size can vary on every offspring but usually, the adult size reflects the size of the Poodle parent.

Since Yorkiepoos are a cross between two pure breeds, its coat may also vary from curly to straight. Its coat color may range from white, cream, black, gray, silver, red, apricot, chocolate, and tan.


What is the Yorkiepoo like?

The Yorkiepoo is an affectionate, gentle, and energetic pooch who loves to be around people. In fact, Yorkiepoos would be very happy if they get to participate in family activities.

Because of the Yorkiepoo’s terrier heritage, this fido is confident and easygoing. Compared to other small dog breeds, the Yorkiepoo is less demanding. He’s quite smart and if trained properly, he can be the best companion dog. He’ll be more than glad to sit on his human’s lap as he watches the world around him. This pooch can be very curious as well and will be happy to explore new things in his surroundings.

Yorkiepoos are very active pooches with high energy level but because of their size, they do not need as much exercise compared to medium and large-sized dogs. You can take him for a walk or run every day to exhaust all his energy.


How are Yorkiepoos bred?

How are Yorkiepoos bred? | Yorkiepoo Dogs and Puppies | Dog Breeds Journal

Image via Pets4Homes

Mixed breed dogs such as the Yorkiepoo can be bred in various ways. You can ask the breeder what kind of Yorkiepoo they breed. The following are the ways on how a Yorkiepoo is bred:

  • F1 = A 50% Yorkshire Terrier to 50% Poodle cross and is considered as the first generation which results in healthier pups. Yorkiepoos from this type of hybrid may have long straight hair just like the Yorkies or a curly coat just like a Poodle. Results may vary in the same litter.
  • F1b = A 75% Yorkshire Terrier to 25% Poodle cross — this means that a Yorkiepoo is bred back to a Yorkshire Terrier, resulting in puppies with coats just like the Yorkie. This type of hybrid is called the Yo-Yopoo.
  • F1b = A 75% Poodle to 25% Yorkshire Terrier cross — this means that a Yorkiepoo is bred back to a Poodle, resulting in puppies with curly and shaggy coats.
  • F2 = A cross between two F1 Yorkiepoos.
  • F3 = A cross between two F2 Yorkiepoos.
  • Multi-generation = A cross between two F3 or higher generation Yorkiepoos.


What was the Yorkiepoo bred for?

What was the Yorkiepoo bred for? | Yorkiepoo Dogs and Puppies | Dog Breeds Journal

Image via evelynrosalia

Yorkiepoos were developed to create a toy sized pooch with a hypoallergenic coat and to have a breed without the genetic disorders and common dog illnesses that the Yorkshire Terriers and Poodles have. In addition, these lapdogs are also good watch dogs because of their keen-to-details trait.

While some Yorkiepoos can be trained to bark on request, many cannot as they love to bark a lot. You can expect this fido to alert bark on his owner when he senses something suspicious or when there’s someone at the door.


Are Yorkiepoos easy to train?

With the Yorkiepoo’s intelligence (which he probably inherited from both of his parents), they are usually quick learners and responds well especially in positive training. Although the Yorkiepoo can be stubborn at times, this trait is normally displayed when training becomes boring and repetitive or when you resort to harsh training.

If you keep training interesting and fun, you’ll less likely have trouble in teaching the Yorkiepoo. Just be consistent and stick with positive reinforcement and you’ll do fine.


How much are Yorkiepoo puppies?

How much are Yorkiepoo puppies? | Yorkiepoo Dogs and Puppies | Dog Breeds Journal

Image via Pets4Homes

In Puppy Find, Yorkiepoo puppies cost from US$500 to US$1200. Meanwhile, according to PetBreeds, the average price for Yorkiepoos and with dogs of similar size is US$765. It will be less costly to adopt a pup, you just have to pay for US$175.


Want to see a Yorkiepoo do some tricks? Watch this video:


Crossing between two smart dogs, the Yorkiepoo might just be the companion dog you’re looking for! Are you decided to bring one home now? Just remember to get one from a reputable breeder who makes the dogs’ health and well-being their number one priority.


Do you think the Yorkiepoo is your perfect match? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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