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ATamaskan is an unrecognized mixed breed made to look like a wolfdog. Find out if this smart, wolf-like pooch is your perfect match as you read on.

Tamaskan: What You Need To Know About This Fido

The Tamaskan is a sled dog that originated from Finland. It is an intelligent, large dog breed and has a life expectancy of 15 years or more. This breed can be a fine family dog as it can go well with both kids and other dogs. In addition, the Tamaskan is a loyal dog and a wonderful companion. Made to resemble the gray wolves and wolfdogs, this fido is a mix of dogs with lupine appearances. While the Tamaskan is not a recognized breed, the breeders have standards set and having a mismatched eye or blue eyes are not accepted.

What does a Tamaskan look like?

They resemble wolves and have almond eyes with the color of yellow, brown or amber. It is taller and larger than German Shepherds and Siberian Huskies but a bit shorter than Alaskan Malamutes. Their coats are thick with a dense undercoat and a coarse outer coat. Normally, they have coat colors ranging from black-grey, red-grey, and wolf-grey.

Generally, a male Tamaskan is heavier than a female one, having a broader and larger head and bone structure. Males can stand from 25 to 28 inches tall and weigh anywhere from 66 to 99 pounds while the females can be 24 to 27 inches in height and weigh 50 to 84 pounds.

What is a Tamaskan like?

A Tamaskan is not recommended to live in an apartment as they would be in need of a spacious area where they can roam around. The Tamaskan prefers not to be left alone and loves being in a pack. It is an affectionate and a loyal pooch but needs to be trained in order for the owner to gain the pack leader status.

This lovely pooch is quite intelligent, making it one of the best working breeds there is. Also, these dogs are highly trainable and independent. However, they have the tendency to get bored easily so it’s  best to engage the Tamaskan in some dog activities to keep it entertained.

How to care for the Tamaskan?

They require minimal grooming and once a week of brushing may be enough unless it’s the shedding season. These dogs can’t handle being left alone for too long and loves to be in the company of other human or dogs. It is an intelligent dog breed making it easy to train but needs consistent and firm training.

The Tamaskan is an active breed, thus, it needs a lot of exercises. Take it out daily for a long walk or jog to be able to exhaust all its energy. Along with the physical exercises, the Tamaskan needs to be mentally exercised as well. So, teach this fido some dog tricks and dog commandsto keep its mind stimulated.

What is the origin of the Tamaskan?

This dog is a mix of breeds having lupine appearances. A Siberian Husky was mixed with a German Shepherd and an Alaskan Malamute to form a variety of what is called a Utonagan dog. The Utonagan dog was then mixed with a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog forming what is now known as the Tamaskan dog. This dog originated in Finland by dog fanciers who wanted to have a breed that resembles a wolfdog.

What are the possible health concerns of a Tamaskan?

They are generally healthy and breeders were careful and picky on who should be bred to avoid inheritance of particular diseases. There were 3 dogs with epilepsy but were no longer allowed to be bred. And, there were those who were carriers of Degenerative Myelopathywhich made them run DNA tests to prevent sufferers of the disease. Tamaskans are prone to hip dysplasia and Cryptorchidism is seen in 10% of males.

If you decided to bring home a Tamaskan, make sure you have enough space for it to be able to move freely. Having this dog could gain you a dignified and loyal companion but know how to handle it properly. It is best to get one from a reputable breeder who ensures the safety and well-being of the dams and sires they are breeding.


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