16 Small White Dog Breeds Everyone Will Adore

by Wednesday, November 9, 2016

“Big things come in small packages,” so they say. This is definitely true with the small white dog breeds! They’re not only beautiful but they also make great pets who can captivate your heart with their gentle and sweet nature.

Having a white coat makes a dog majestic and stunning. Add to it their cute and adorable size, small white dog breeds will definitely blow you away! You’ll not only love their adorable appearance but also their loyal and loving personality. Scroll on to find out more about these small white dog breeds.

16 Small White Dog Breeds Everyone Will Adore

Dogs vary in colors, sizes, temperament, and trainability. If you’re looking for a pet who will absolutely enchant you, check out the following small white dog breeds that you’ll surely love!


1. Miniature Schnauzer

Mini Schnauzer | Small White Dog Breeds Everyone Will Adore

Image via TheCuteness.com

This adorable pooch is very affectionate and happy. They make great guard dogs because of their keen and energetic nature. The Miniature Schnauzer is also recommended for allergic people as they shed less than other dog breeds. This breed can sometimes be stubborn, thus, I can recommend this dog breed to people who have lots of patience.


2. West Highland Terrier

West Highland Terrier | Small White Dog Breeds Everyone Will Adore

Image via Animals Breeds

Westies are happy dogs who will surely entertain you with their goofiness. Their intelligence makes it so easy to train a Westie. Originally, Westies were bred to hunt foxes, badgers and otters so don’t be surprised if he goes on digging and hunting. All you need to do is give him proper training to ensure a harmonious relationship with your Westie pal.


3. Toy Poodle

Considered as one of the smartest dog breeds, Toy Poodles are also sweet and cheerful. They make great family dogs because they love being around people. The Toy Poodle is one of the small white dog breeds who makes a good watch dog, don’t underestimate their size!


4. Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise | 16 Small White Dog Breeds Everyone Will Adore

Image via Wikipedia

Your heart will melt just by looking at a Bichon’s black eyes and fluffy white coat! They’re energetic and in constant need of an ample amount of exercise everyday. They can be stubborn and hard to housebreak. I recommend giving a Bichon crate training to make housebreaking easier.


5. Maltese

Maltese | Small White Dog Breeds Everyone Will Adore

Image via Wallpapers

This charming pooch is very devoted to his master. Highly intelligent, the Maltese learns tricks easily. The Maltese is considered as one of the ancient among toy breeds. This small white dog breed is a favorite of several royalties including Queen Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots.


6. Bolognese

Bolognese | Small White Dog Breeds Everyone Will Adore

Image via 1Zoom.Net

Bolognese is a more reserved and shy dog compared to its cousin, Bichon Frise. They’re generally a healthy breed and are not prone to any major health problem. However, they can be difficult to housetrain so if you’re planning to get a Bolognese, be sure you’re loaded with patience.


7. Japanese Spitz

Japanese Spitz | Small White Dog Breeds Everyone Will Adore

Image via 2puppies

These gentle and loving dogs are perfect for kids. They make excellent watch dogs, thanks to their alert and protective nature! This small white dog breed could be a bit noisy, though — barking incessantly to suspicious things or people. Don’t worry, you just have to train him and be consistent to do away with this problem.


8. American Eskimo

An Eskie is a very outgoing and active dog. He loves adventure and gets bored when he’s doing nothing. Eskies are also easy to train because of their high intelligence and willingness to please. They also love to be around with people and don’t want to be left alone. He’s prone to develop separation anxiety so if you’re planning to get an Eskie, make sure not to leave him for a long period of time.


9. Pomeranian

Pomeranian | Small White Dog Breeds Everyone Will Adore

Image via MyDoggy.Rocks

Being small as they are, Poms normally have a “big dog” attitude. The Pomeranian is a perfect match for older and busier people because of their independence. However, Poms are not suited to live in hot places because of their long and thick coat so be sure you live in a cooler place if you’re planning to adopt a Pom.


10. Coton de Tulear

Cotons are gentle and affectionate dogs who love to follow his master everywhere — even in the bathroom! This small white dog breed is intelligent and will do very well in obedience and agility competitions. It won’t be too hard to train a Coton as he wants to please his master.


11. Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested | Small White Dog Breeds Everyone Will Adore

Image via WLCC Rescue

This elegant and graceful breed may be hairless or powderpuff. Although its name suggests it, the breed actually didn’t originate from China. Instead, the Chinese Crested is from the hairless dogs of either Africa or Mexico. If you don’t want to deal with grooming frequently, the hairless breed is what I can recommend. Though, hairless or not, Chinese Crested dogs are adorable just the same.


12. Volpino Italiano

Volpino Italiano | Small White Dog Breeds Everyone Will Adore

Image via Animals Breeds

Volpinos have a sharp mind and are very dedicated and loyal to their family. These adorable small white dogs have a life expectancy of 16 years maximum. Though Volpinos have high resemblance with Pomeranians, they are not in any way related. They’re both adorable and fluffy still — no one can argue with that.


13. Kyi-Leo

Kyi-Leo | Small White Dog Breeds Everyone Will Adore

Image via Doglib.com

A crossbreed of Maltese and Lhasa Apso, Kyi-Leos are playful and lively. They love to bond with their family, and training them will be enjoyable since they love to obey commands.


14. Lowchen

Lowchen | Small White Dog Breeds Everyone Will Adore

Image via Pet Paw

Bred to be companion dogs, Lowchens are very affectionate yet fierce and brave. They’re good watchdogs, and are highly likely to alert bark if something suspicious arises. Lowchens can be very shy especially around new people so it is highly recommended to socialize them at a young age to avoid a timid personality.


15. Papillon

Papillon | Small White Dog Breeds Everyone Will Adore

Image via Borongaja

With ears that appear like butterfly wings, Papillons are also referred to as butterfly dog. A daily walk would calm this very lively and playful breed. Because of their small size, Papillons are not recommended for families with kids. These dogs can be very fragile and might get injured when playing with kids.


16. Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso | Small White Dog Breeds Everyone Will Adore

Image via tenzinlhasaapso

Lhasa Apsos are independent in nature and have the heart of a lion. They’re friendly, affectionate, and very devoted to their masters. However, it can be very costly and time consuming to groom a Lhasa Apso as his long white coat needs frequent grooming. Be sure to be prepared with this dog expense.


Want to see how cute a teacup pomeranian is? Watch this video by Cuteness Overload:

There’s no doubt that dogs with white coat possess a majestic beauty. Any of these small white dog breeds not only look elegant and adorable, but are also loving and affectionate!

What’s your favorite small white dog breed in the list? Share your thoughts in the comments box below. For more dog facts and trivia, check here.



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