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Santa Claus Dog Costume: What to Dress Up Your Pooch This Christmas

With all the sparkly houses and harmonious carols, Christmas is one of the most awaited time of the year. This season is best celebrated with friends and family — including our precious pooches. Holidays are a fun time to dress up your four-legged pals with fancy clothes so this nearing Christmas time, why not get your furry friend a Santa Claus dog costume?

Christmas is a festive season and as pet parents, we want to include our furry friends in this joyous festivity. As much as we enjoy the Christmas season, I’m quite positive our furry friends love it too. Let them join in the fun and dress them up with cozy clothes that will turn everyone’s head for a second look.

Dress Up Your Fido With A Santa Claus Dog Costume

Cool breeze, busy shoppers, all those lights, and decors — Christmas is definitely just around the corner! I usually get my dogs ready during the holidays. Last Christmas, I remember dressing my pug with a reindeer costume. You should try it too.

One fun way to celebrate this holiday is to dress up your pooch with a Santa Claus dog costume. Want some ideas? Scroll on.

1. Dog Santa Hat

Simple and not too tacky but a dog Santa hat will surely bring that Christmasy-feel! There are a lot of options online but you can also make one yourself if you have the time. However, you might have a problem letting your dog wear a headgear. The trick is to let him wear a hat that perfectly fits their head. It will be irritating for them to wear an ill-fitting hat so make sure the size is just about right. Get one for your dog using this link.

2. Dog Santa Scarf

So, you got your tail-wagger a Santa hat. Why don’t you pair it with a scarf and he’ll look fantastic as ever! The scarf will also help him feel warm during the cold nights this season. I remember I bought one last year for my Golden Retriever, Lemon. He sure was a head-turner then! Get your pooch ready for the holidays by getting a dog scarf using this link.

3. Dog Santa Tutu

Want some fancy Santa Claus dog costume? You can try a red and green tutu and pair it with a Santa hat. People will surely stop and stare to admire your furry friend. She’ll be an instant celebrity for sure. Buy your dog a Christmas tutu here.

4. Dog Santa Sweater

Cute and comfy, a dog Santa sweater will make your four-legged pal warm through the cold nights of the Christmas season. Maybe you can get one for yourself too and match with your adorable pooch. You’ll have everyone’s attention and be the star of the festivities. Get your bestfriend a Christmas sweater using this link.

5. Dog Santa Coat

If you want to take it up to a whole new level, why not dress up your tail-wagging friend with a dog Santa coat? Complete your Santa Claus dog costume with Santa boots and Santa hat and voila! You got yourself a Santa dog! This one definitely takes the cake. Buy a santa coat for your dog here.


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