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The Pug is a toy dog breed known for its large head, short muzzle, and wrinkly face. This breed originated from China and has been around as a companion dog for quite some time. It was prized and favored among the royalty in both Europe and Asia. The Pug continues to be a fairly popular dog breed to this day.

Pug Dogs and Puppies

What is a Pug?

Fun-sized, sturdy, and even-tempered, Pugs can be good household pets. They are small and quiet and are manageable enough for families who live in apartments. Although they are energetic (sometimes), they do not really need much exercise.

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Where does the Pug come from?

The Pug originally came from China. This breed is actually quite old and may have already existed even before 400 B.C. It was a prized breed among the wealthiest and most prestigious class not just in China but also Tibet and Japan. Pugs even had soldiers to guard them because they were greatly valued by emperors.

Europeans began trading with China around 16th century. It was when the breed was introduced to the royal courts in Europe and Pugs soon became the favorites among royal households. It was the official dog of the House of Orange in Holland. Royalties who kept Pugs include Marie Antoinette of France and Queen Victoria of England. Well-known artists like Goya and William Hogarth portrayed Pugs in their famous paintings.

Pugs came to the United States in the 19th century and was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1885.

What does a Pug look like?

It is easy to recognize a Pug because of its distinct traits—large eyes, wrinkly face, and curly tail. They also have a lean, sturdy, and square-like body.

Pugs weigh around 6 to 8 kg and stand at the withers between 10 to 14 inches. This measurement goes for both male and female Pugs.

Breed standards indicate that Pugs have:

  • Proportionate, square bodies
  • Wide and deep chest
  • Large round heads
  • Huge dark, round, and prominent eyes
  • Rose and button ears. These ears are thin and small.
  • Strong and powerful legs in moderate length.
  • Well split toes and black nails
  • Tail that curl over the hip
  • Smooth short coat in fawn and black

What is the Pug like?

The Pug is truly meant for companionship and has a generally pleasant disposition. This breed is known to be even-tempered, affectionate, playful, and loyal.

Pugs love to spend time with their families and are simply content being around them. Some of them become too spoiled and always crave attention. They may be playful but they do not require much exercise—they are true blue couch potatoes. They also love being around kids and are sturdy enough to handle a bit of rough play.

Is the Pug aggressive and dangerous?

Pugs are known to be easygoing, friendly, and playful, and are usually not aggressive. Some factors which could lead to aggression include environment, genetics, and training.

Owners can stop and control aggression by:

  • Immediately correcting bad behavior
  • Socializing puppies at an early age
  • Exposing puppies to different environment
  • Establishing dominance
  • Applying positive methods in training (no hostility and violence)

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