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Mastador Dogs and Puppies | Dog Breeds Journal

AMastador is a cross between a pure Mastiff and a Labrador Retriever. While it is a great family dog who loves affection, you need to have space for this breed because of its size. As a loving dog, it is dedicated and protective of its owner.

This active dog won’t need a much long exercise, just a fair amount of it on a regular basis. So if you’re someone who doesn’t mind spending some time with your dog, then maybe this is the breed you’re looking for. Read more below and learn about them and how they are as a pet.

Things You Should Know About the Loving Giant Mastador

What is a Mastador?

Mastadors are great watchdogs. If there’s anything suspicious or if there’s an intruder, the Mastador will alert bark its human. Fearless and protective, this breed will do anything to keep his family safe. But, they’re not just good watchdogs. These dogs, despite being fearless and protective, also have a friendly nature which makes them a great family pet as well.

However, they are more suitable for families having older children. Since Mastadors are massive, they can easily knock down toddlers even if it’s not his intention.

What does a Mastador look like?

Mastadors have big body built whose weight could go around 100 to 200 pounds and have the height of around 28 to 36 inches. They have a silky and short coat whose color may vary depending on their parent’s gene pool. They have expressive brown eyes and their ears may be upright or hanging down. Mastadors may also be web-footed like the Labradors.

What is a Mastador like?

Mastadors are great around children especially if they were exposed to them early. They are not aggressive but they do have a protective nature particularly when they are around people or other pets they’re not familiar with. With that said, Mastadors are loyal dogs who are even-tempered and affectionate.

How much food does a Mastador need?

A Mastador would need around 4 1/2 to 6 cups of good quality dry food. They are prone to obesity so monitoring their weight is highly advised. In case you’ve noticed your dog gaining more weight than it should, try lessening its food intake or consult a vet for a professional medical advice.

What are the possible health concerns of a Mastador?

Mastadors, like any other mixed breed, may inherit health concerns from their parents. These health conditions may include epilepsy, OCD, heart problems, eye problems, kidney problems, cancer, bloat, joint dysplasia, seizures, ear infections, and cold tail. Getting a dog from a good pet breeder may lower those risks or in case one shows up, it is advised to consult a veterinarian.

How often are Mastadors groomed?

A Mastador can be a moderate shedder and would need regular brushing. This would help lessen the furs in your house and maintain the quality of its coat. Giving it a regular bath time can be hard given its body built but you can make use of a leash to make it easier or have a professional groomer do it for you.


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