6 Effective Home Remedies For Fleas On Dogs

by Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fleas thrive on warm-blooded animals such as your dogs. Getting rid of these pests can be quite challenging since they can remain dormant for a long period of time. Luckily, there are some effective home remedies for fleas on dogs.

Using chemical flea treatments may not be safe especially when there are children in your home. These treatments with chemicals could cause a toxic reaction on the skin. It would be safer to get rid of fleas using home remedies plus you could also save some money since the needed materials/ingredients can be easily found in the comforts of your home.

6 Effective Home Remedies for Fleas on Dogs

As a pet parent, I don’t want my dogs to be infested with fleas. However, my dogs love to play and be around with other dogs in the park and these pesky pests can easily transfer from one dog to another! So, if your precious pooch got infested with fleas, let me share with you a list of some non-toxic home remedies to effectively get rid of fleas and control their recurrence.


1. Cedar or Lavender Oil Collar

Cedar or Lavender Oil Collar | Home Remedies For Fleas On Dogs

image via Kali & Co.

Essential oils like cedar or lavender are known to be great natural repellents. Ward off those annoying fleas by putting a collar, smothered with these essential oils, on your dog’s neck. I suggest this home remedy for those who don’t have the time to apply topically again and again. All you have to do is put the collar with the essential oils in your dog’s neck and that’s it, goodbye fleas!


2. Apple Cider Vinegar Deterring Drink

An apple cider vinegar a day keeps those nasty fleas away! Apple cider vinegar has many known benefits to humans but who would’ve thought it could drive away fleas from your furry friend?

Add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to your dog’s drink and it will surely get rid of its fleas. In addition, this home remedy for fleas on dogs could improve your pet’s skin and coat condition, too!


3. Lemony Flea Comb

The scent of a citrus fruit is an effective natural flea repellent. In addition, lemon contains limonene in it, a colorless liquid known to effectively repel fleas. Dip your dog’s comb in the lemon mix for grooming and protection purposes.


4. Essential Oil Flea Spray

With this home-made oil flea spray, not only will you keep those fleas at bay but will also leave a gleaming finish to your pet’s coat!  However, you must be careful not to spray near your dog’s face as the mixture might get in your furry friend’s ears, nose or eyes.


5. Flea Trap

Flea Trap | Home Remedies For Fleas On Dogs

image via Grooming Smarter

Make sure those fleas don’t get anywhere near your dog with this all-natural homemade flea trap!  All you need is a lamp and a bowl of soapy water and voila! You got yourself a flea trap!


6. Dish Soap Bath

Dish Soap Bath | Home Remedies For Fleas On Dogs

image via Dog Notebook

Bathe your dog with a vinegar-infused dish soap and watch all those fleas go running!  As a bonus, this homemade remedy for fleas on dogs will also leave your dog’s coat healthy and shiny.


Want to know another home remedy for fleas on dogs? Check out this video by BuNIQUEdoll Hernandez:

Using flea treatments with chemicals is not the only solution for getting rid of fleas on your dogs. There are a number of home remedies for fleas on dogs you can easily do using materials or ingredients readily found at the comforts of your home.

What do you think is the best home remedy for fleas on dogs? Share your thoughts by commenting below! Looking for more DIY stuff you can do for your dog? Click here!


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