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Dog Thanksgiving Sweater: A Fun Way to Dress Up Your Fido This Holiday

Every year, I let my dogs join in the Thanksgiving festivities as I’m grateful every single day I get to spend with them. They have been as loving and loyal as they can be and truly my best friends. It’s only fitting to give back the love, don’t you think? If you’re still wondering how to show your pooch how thankful you are for having him, you might want to give him a dog thanksgiving sweater he could wear this holiday. What kind of dog sweater, you ask? Scroll on for some ideas.

1. Knitted Sweater

This knitted dog thanksgiving sweater will definitely warm up your pooch as he enjoys his favorite goodies you prepped for Thanksgiving Day. I particularly like the turkey design as it’s very apt for the holiday. Get your dog a holiday sweater like this one using this link.

2. Give Thanks Sweater

Since this holiday is all about giving thanks, the embroidery of this sweater is just appropriate. The fleece fabric of this sweater is not only warm and cozy but also very stylish. The embroidered leaves around the hem and neck create a homey touch. I wonder if this will look good on my Beagle, what do you think?

3. Stretchy Orange Sweater

Simple yet classy, this stretchy orange dog thanksgiving sweater is definitely a must-have! What I like about this dog sweater is its color is in theme for the Thanksgiving holiday but is not “exclusive” just for that day. You can still let your dog wear it for the rest of the chilly weather! Get your dog this orange turtleneck using this link.

4. Upcycled Sweater

Feeling a little crafty? Dig on your drawers for some old socks and upcycle it to a fabulous dog thanksgiving sweater! I bet it would be a lot of fun to make some DIY clothes for your four-legged pal plus with your personal touch, this upcycled sweater will be extra special. Get more designs for your dogs here.

5. Turkey Sweater

Take it up a notch as you dress the turkey…oops! I mean, dress your pooch in a turkey sweater! Your family and friends might put up an impromptu photo shoot as they see your furry friend in this adorable turkey sweater. Get ready with your camera and take some snaps! This will definitely make your Thanksgiving this year a memorable one.


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