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Dog Socialization: 5 Tips on How to Make Your Pooch Friendly

Is your dog timid or has been reacting fearfully to new things? There’s a high chance he’s not been properly socialized. Dog socialization is one of the important factors affecting your dog’s behavior and should be done as early as possible.

If you want to have a friendly dog with little to no behavior problems, you must socialize him. Dog socialization is the process of exposing your pooch to different kinds of experiences such as interacting with people and other animals, being used to various sounds and noise, or traveling to different places. Getting your furry friend familiar with these new experiences will help him to appropriately respond to things without being so anxious.

5 Dog Socialization Tips For A Friendly Pooch

I remember taking in my first pup, his name was Boom and was very shy. I thought that’s just his personality but when I asked around, I figured out he needs to do some socializing to overcome his shyness. Boom was such an eye-opener, he probably is one of the reasons why I became a dog trainer. So, if you want to make your precious pooch get over his shyness or to do away from fearfulness and aggression, read on for some of my tips:

1. Take Your Dog to Different Places

Sometimes, pet parents tend to get overprotective that they don’t want to let their furry friends get out. But, on the contrary, taking your dog to different places is one of the best ways for dog socialization. Take your four-legged pal with you to places unusual for him such as your favorite bookstore or coffee shop.

These places crowded with people will help your pooch get familiarized and exposed to a lot of experiences where he can watch, smell, or listen to new things around him. I love taking my dogs with me to my favorite coffee shop and I’m pretty sure they enjoy it, too.

2. Let Your Dog Meet Various People

Aside from taking your dog to different places, you can let your precious pooch meet various people by inviting visitors to your home. This is one great way to let your dog know it’s okay to have other people inside your house. If your dog understands that welcoming visitors is okay, you’ll save yourself from problems with your mailman or delivery workers. Getting familiar with people around your home, giving positive and happy experiences, will most likely lessen the excitability of your dog and overcome his shyness.

3. Familiarize Your Dog With Other Animals

If you let your precious pooch meet other people, I would also recommend to let him get familiarize with other canines and other animals. Some dogs could not stand the sight of other animals (most especially cats) and other dogs but if your pooch is properly socialized, he’ll get used to being around with other pets.

One effective way to do is by organizing playdates with other pet parents. You can have a party for your most loved pets or even just a simple playdate in the dog park will do. Another thing you can do is to enroll your pooch in an obedience class where he can interact with other dogs-in-training.

4. Expose Your Dog to Different Sounds

Most dogs get anxious upon hearing unfamiliar sounds. The sound of thunder, the siren of the police car or an ambulance, and the beeping of cars — these things can make your dog anxious if he’s not used to hearing it. You should let him hear these sounds to let him know it’s normal hearing these sounds and everything will be okay.

What you can do is take your dog for a walk in a busy street where he can possibly hear sounds he’s unfamiliar with. Another possible thing you can do is to download recordings of different unfamiliar sounds and play them in the background until your pooch gets comfortable with the sound.

5. Let Your Dog In

Sure, dogs can get smelly and messy sometimes. But, being a part of the family, isn’t it just right to let them let live indoors with you? Letting your dog stay inside with his humans is also one of the best ways for dog socialization. Your pooch will get acquainted with his family and he will most likely get comfortable being around with people. In addition, your four-legged pal will be a whole lot happier too!

As a pet parent, I don’t want my four-legged pals to be aggressive, fearful or timid. It’s more fun to pet a socialized pooch since these dogs are normally happy and friendly. You can make your dog overcome his shyness and eliminate behavior problems by following these dog socialization tips. Be a responsible dog owner and find some time to socialize your precious pooch. Trust me, it’s for you and your dog’s own good.


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