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Dog Potty Training: 5 Common Potty Training Problems

When your dog pees here, there, and everywhere, don’t get all angry at your precious pooch. Puppies are like babies who cannot control when and where their bladder needs some unloading. It is best to start dog potty training when they’re still pups but you can always train an adult dog just as long as you are patient and consistent.

However, if you have been potty training your dog and he still pees all over the place, then there must be something lacking in your training. To address this problem, I have summed up 5 of the most common dog potty training problems every pet parent encounters one way or another. It is crucial to stick to your potty training principles and strictly apply them to your furry friends.

Dog Potty Training Problems You Need to Avoid

House soiling is one of the most common reasons why dogs end up in a shelter. Some inexperienced dog owners cannot tolerate the unpleasant smell a dog leaves that you have to clean up after a tiresome day. While consistency usually is the key to a successful dog potty training, there are some other factors that affect the outcome of your training. Read on to know some of the common potty training problems in order for you to avoid making them.

1. Lack of Consistency

I cannot reiterate enough how important it is to be consistent on training your dog. Whether by giving him a treat when he has done a great job or at what time he needs to go out from the crate to pee or walk — everything needs consistency. Some pet parents lack this very important principle that’s why their furry friends end up peeing on every corner of their house.

2. Lack of Feeding Schedule

It is recommended for dogs to eat twice a day and should follow a strict schedule in the morning and afternoon. Ideally, food should be left down for 10 minutes regardless if your dog has eaten or not. You should put back down the feeding bowl only when it’s the next scheduled feeding time.

A dog who eats on a specific scheduled time will poop on the same schedule. In this way, it will be easier for you to know when your pooch needs to poop or pee.

3. Lack of Communication

While dogs cannot speak like humans do, they have their ways to communicate. You should be aware of these things to understand what they want. They would either bark or walk around in circles as they sniff the floor to tell you they need to go. There are also certain body languagesthey do to send out a message. If you can’t identify these signs, you’re going to have a problem.

4. Lack of Exercise

All dogs need ample amount of exercise. Exercising them by playing, walking or running can help get things moving.  If you’ve been playing with your dog inside the house, get him out as soon as you can. If you’ve been playing outside, wait a while to check if he’s going to poop.

5. Lack of Bonding

The best way to bond with your dog is by walking him either in your neighborhood or in the park. Not only will you be bonding with your precious pooch by walking him but it will also help stimulate your dog’s bladder and bowels. Never underestimate the power of walking your dog! It’s a good training and exercise for you and your dog.


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