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Dog Christmas Gifts: 7 Paw-some Gift Ideas for Your Precious Pooches

Just a few more days and it’s already Christmas Day! While you’re busy shopping gifts for your loved ones, I hope you didn’t forget to get one for your furry friend. If you still don’t know what to get, don’t panic. I came up with a list of amazing dog Christmas gifts that can help you with your dilemma.

With the unconditional love and loyalty your four-legged pal showers you, it’s just right to give him a paw-some gift this Christmas. You can absolutely bring happiness into your furry friends’ lives by giving them something they’ll love. I already bought my dogs their Christmas gifts this year and it was really tough since there are a lot of options to choose from out there. Let me help you narrow down your choices as you scroll on.

7 Dog Christmas Gifts Your Pooch Will Love

I always let my dogs join in the festivities during the holidays. My family along with my dogs will gather around the Christmas tree as we exchange and open gifts on Christmas Day. It’s such a fun activity especially when you get to see your dogs delighted with their gifts. This year, bring a little joy by giving your furry friend one of these dog Christmas gifts:

1. Dog Anxiety Jacket

Days pass by really fast and before you know it, it’s already New Year’s Eve. This means fireworks will once again envelope the sky and some dogs will not be happy about it. If you have an anxious pooch who gets easily scared, this anxiety jacket will be the perfect gift for him this Christmas. The jacket has a unique feature that squeezes your fido’s torso in a comfortable way as if someone’s cuddling him. This will help keep your pooch calm during scary situations.

2. LED Dog Ball

Do you have a playful pooch who loves to play a game of fetch even during late nights? Then, an LED dog ball might be the best Christmas gift you can give him. Also, this can be a convenient dog toy for people with unconventional work hours, requiring playtime to be after dark. This dog ball is suitable for an early morning or late night fetching game since it lights up in the dark as you and your four-legged pal play.

3. Dog Water Fountain

If you want to make feeding time a whole lot fun, why not give your furry friend an interactive dog bowl? There are a lot of varieties to choose from where some can have different compartments where your pooch will have to use his nose, paws, and tongue to reach his food.

Aside from making feeding time exciting, this will also help your furry friend to eat at a slower rate. If your dog eats slowly, he’ll have better digestion, then resulting in an improved overall health.

5. Automatic Ball Launcher

Your furry friend has this high energy level and loves to play ball all day long. The problem is, your arms are already sore from all the tossing you’ve been doing for hours. Well, your problem might just be solved by an automatic ball launcher. Go ahead and get one for your four-legged pal. Let this gadget do all the ball tossing for you and no arms will ever be sore!

6. Collapsible Dog Water Bowl

Giving fresh water to your furry friend is very important to keep him hydrated. Sometimes, this becomes a problem to people who travel a lot with their pooches. The good thing is you can purchase a collapsible dog water bowl which you can bring anywhere. Easy to set up and easy to carry anywhere, you will keep your dog from being parched if you give him this as a gift for Christmas.

7. Dog Stairs

If you have a senior dog who is now having difficulty going up and down the car, the couch or the bed, one of the best dog Christmas gifts you can give are dog stairs. Senior dogs might need extra care and added special treatment since there are things that would be harder for them to do as they age.


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