16 Cool Dog Tricks to Teach Your Dog

by Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Aside from having extra fun, teaching dog tricks to your precious pooches can stimulate their brain and will help them get smarter! The more tricks you teach your dog, the more knowledge he’ll acquire. Exercising not only his body but also his mind will let your dog grow more intelligent.

Instead of repeating over and over the same things he already knows, you can be creative and teach him new dog tricks both of you will enjoy. There’s no age limit in teaching dogs new tricks. Even adult dogs can be taught new dog tricks, although, older dogs may be slower to grasp new tricks but once they get the hang of it, you’ll be thrilled at how they learn.

16 Cool Dog Tricks to Teach Your Dog

I walk my dogs around the neighborhood for their daily exercise and at the same time, bond with them. In addition, I also get to bond with my dogs by teaching them new dog tricks every now and then. That’s the best thing I love about teaching new dog tricks, you get to spend quality time with your precious pooch. This will definitely strengthen your bond with your furry friend!

What are you waiting for? Get ready to stimulate the minds of your precious pooches! Have some bonding time as you teach your four-legged pal some cool new dog tricks!


1. The High Five

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It’s pretty easy to teach your dog this trick. High five is one of the cool dog tricks kids will definitely love. This is also the first trick I love to teach dogs, why? Well, when I teach them more tricks, they can give me a high five to celebrate our success! To learn how to do this trick, click here.


2. The Rollover

The Roll Over | Cool Dog Tricks to Teach Your Dog

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Another easy to teach trick is the Roll Over. Impress your visitors with how your adorable pooch rolls over like a baby. I remember when I first taught Lemon, my Golden Retriever, this dog trick. He got it instantly and we really had so much fun during our training session. If you want to know how to teach this trick, check this out.


3. The Army Crawl

The Army Crawl | Cool Dog Tricks to Teach Your Dog

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The Army Crawl is one of the cool dog tricks to teach your dog that is both fun and useful. Getting your dog to do this trick can help him become physically fit. In addition, this dog trick can also be very useful for those who love to tag along their furry friends in hiking and mountainerring activities where you might encounter unsafe terrains, requiring your fidos to crawl for his safety.


4. The Bang

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In this dog trick, your dog will act as if he’s dead when you point your finger like a gun as you say “bang!” This is one of my favorite dog tricks to teach. It helps me calm down dogs when they get too excited over something. Also, this can also eliminate one of the common dog behavior problems called excessive barking. Instead of incessantly barking, your dog will most likely just lie down on her side to catch your attention.


5. The Dance

You have a party to attend to and still don’t have a dance partner? Don’t worry, just teach your furry friend how to dance and you’ll have an instant date! You have to take note though if you have a large or overweight dog, this might not be a recommended trick to teach as he may injure himself.


6. The Beg

Another cool and fun dog trick is the Beg. Teach your dog how to do this and he’ll definitely wow everyone with his cuteness! This dog trick is moderately easy to teach and with a lot of patience, you’ll get your furry friend to beg on command in no time.


7. The Salute

The Salute | Cool Dog Tricks to Teach Your Dog

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If you have a family member or a friend in the military, it would be great if your dog could give him a salute. Teach your dog this cool trick and who knows, he might be the next Sgt. Stubby! This can also be a unique way of letting your dog greet visitors who come and go.


8. The Sing to Music

It would be really amusing if your dog can sing so why not teach him how? Teach your furry friend to sing and see if you got yourself a diva!

NOTE: This trick may not be recommended for people living in an apartment. Neighbors might get cranky with the noise.


9. The Kiss

The Kiss | Cool Dog Tricks to Teach Your Dog

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Wouldn’t it be nice if your dog showers you with kisses (minus the saliva)? Teach him the kiss trick and enjoy being showered with non-saliva smooches! I’m sure your day will automatically brighten up once you receive a kiss from your furry friend.


10. The Give Us A Hug

The Give Us A Hug | Cool Dog Tricks to Teach Your Dog

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Is your dog hesitant in showing his affection? Don’t worry, you can make your dog extra sweet by teaching him the hug trick. Your furry friend will also love this trick as much as you would. Don’t forget to let your furry friend kiss you too!


11. The Skateboard

How cool is it when your dog skateboards with you? Teach him this dog trick and I’m sure the whole neighborhood will gather around him! This can also be a great exercise for your furry friend as he maneuver and skate around the block.


12. The Bow

You’ll definitely feel one of the royalties when you teach your dog this trick! The bow trick is similar to the stance a dog takes when he’s being playful, thus, this trick is best taught when there are children around. When a child gets your dog to bow, he can most likely get your dog to play without being irritated.


13. The Peek-a-boo

The Peek-a-boo | Cool Dog Tricks to Teach Your Dog

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To level up your play time with your furry friend, teach him how to peek-a-boo. This is really a fun and cool trick, my dogs and I love this. To learn how to teach your dog to peek-a-boo, check this out.


14. The Spin

The Spin is another easy to teach trick which is not only fun to do when you fool around with your dog but also useful in helping your furry friend stretch out. Mastering this trick can help your four-legged pal become limber, preventing possible injuries he might face while running. If you want to get your dog spinning like a top, click here.


15. The Fetch

The Fetch | Cool Dog Tricks to Teach Your Dog

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A good way to exercise your dog while having fun is to play a game of fetch with his favorite dog toy. The trick on teaching this trick is to backchain — meaning to teach the last part of the sequence first. Learn how to do this here.


16. The Walk Backward

Walking backward is one of the cool dog tricks you should teach your dog along with his other basic training. Learning this trick can be very useful especially when your dog is faced with a situation where he needs to back away. For instance, he gets near a hazardous item. If your dog knows this trick, you can definitely save your furry friend’s life


Want to see some more cool dog tricks? Watch this video by MyFavoritePupJasmine:


Teaching dog tricks to your furry friend is a fun and exciting way to stimulate and sharpen the minds of your furry friends. There are lots of amazing stuff to teach your precious pooch, you can also be creative and invent your own trick. I know there are some dog breeds who are hard-headed and can be difficult to train but with lots of patience and consistency, you’ll be able to reap the fruit of your labor. The best part is you get to spend lots of quality time with your four-legged pal!


What other dog tricks can you add to the list? Share us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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