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Sweet and even-tempered, Brittany dogs are high-energy dog breeds which can be best buddies with outdoorsy and athletic dog lovers. It has the physical qualities and the stamina to keep up with more vigorous activities.

Brittany dogs are not just lively and active. This dog is pretty intelligent as well. It is considered one of the smartest dog breeds, which basically means it has the potential to be an awesome, well-trained dog. Learn more about the Brittany and see if it has the qualities you want in a fur-clad, canine best friend.

Some Facts About The Brittany

What is a Brittany?

A Brittany is a medium-sized dog breed, which was originally bred to help hunt small game. It was referred to as a spaniel for many years until the 1980s when the name ‘Brittany spaniel’ was changed to just ‘Brittany’. Although this breed does resemble spaniel-type dogs, its qualities are more similar to pointer dog breeds.

What does a Brittany dog look like?

Brittanys have an athletic and solid build although not overly muscular or bulky. These dogs typically look alert, eager, and friendly. They are recognizable by these qualities:

  • Coat colors in orange and white, liver and white, liver roan, liver white and orange, orange roan
  • Dense, either flat or wavy, double coat
  • Floppy ears
  • Ears fringed slightly by fur
  • Long legs
  • Docked or undocked tails (They may be born with a long tail or a short tail.)

How big does a Brittany get?

The Brittany is considered a medium-sized dog breed. It stands between 17.5 to 20.5 inches and weighs around  30 to 40 pounds (13 to 18 kilograms). This dog can reach its full height by 12 to 15 months. It may continue to fill out in weight until it is 18 months old.

One way to ensure that your Brittany is growing at a healthy pace is to feed it the right kind of food. Stay away from overly cheap dog food filled with lots of preservatives and fillers. It may fill your dog up but it does not contain the essential nutrients needed for your dog’s growth.

Some owners opt to prepare home cooked meals for their dogs. You can try this, too! Just make sure you have read some essential dog diet tips first. Also, make a list of the human food that is good for your dog, including the kind of food which may be toxic.

Where are Brittany dogs from?

The breed is actually named after a region in northwestern France called Brittany. It is believed Brittanys originally come from this French province.

Paintings and tapestries from the 17th century depicted images of orange and white hunting dogs which look like Brittanys. These dogs may have been the ancestors of the breed.

Brittanys came to the United Stated around 1930s. The breed soon became popular and was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1934. It was called Brittany Spaniel back then. But the word ‘spaniel’ was officially dropped from the breed’s name in 1982.

What dog group is the Brittany in?

Brittanys are noted for their skills as gun dogs. They have the ability to hunt, point, and retrieve small game like birds and rabbits.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) classifies the Brittany as Sporting dog. Meanwhile, the United Kennel Club (UKC) and the United Kingdom’s The Kennel Club classify the breed as a gun dog.

Is the Brittany a good dog?

Brittanys are generally pleasant dogs with a sweet and eager-to-please disposition. They typically get along with children, including other dogs and cats. But Brittanys were originally bred to be hunting dogs and they still have the tendency to chase after small animals.

These dogs are quite active—daily exercise is a must. When not given enough mental and physical stimulation, they tend to be destructive. Brittanys younger than two years are content with walks lasting not more than 30 minutes. Older dogs can keep up with longer and more vigorous exercise.

Any dog of any breed can become awesome pets as long as they are treated with love and care. Meanwhile, dogs that are abused and mistreated are likely to become timid or aggressive.

Are Brittany dogs easy to train?

Brittanys have the potential to become well-trained dogs because they are eager-to-please, moreover, intelligent. These traits make Brittanys relatively easy to train. They have the capacity to learn the basic obedience commands pretty quickly, including some advanced skills.

Training a dog, in general, is not always easy especially for first-time owners. If you are one, you can seek the help of a professional dog trainer. Do your own research as well. You can start by reading articles containing tips for first-time puppy owners. You should also take note of the training supplies you might need like dog training collars.

Are Brittany dogs good for apartments?

Brittanys can do well in apartments if their owners can commit to giving them the exercise they need. Otherwise, they can develop some undesirable habits or become destructive.

These dogs typically need a home in the countryside (or at least a house with a backyard) where they can play and explore. Their hunting instinct is still quite intact that is why they need the right living conditions to act as freely as possible.

How much does a Brittany puppy cost?

Pet quality Brittany puppies can cost around USD $800 to $1,000. Show quality puppies tend to cost more than $1,500. Prices vary depending on the quality of the puppies’ line, the credibility of the breeders, the location of the breeders, as well as the kind of care the puppies are getting.


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