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The Bloodhound is a hunting dog best known for its very keen sense of smell. It is a scent hound famous for being able to track after the human scent for days, over great distances. Because of this remarkable skill, Bloodhounds are favored by police departments, including search and rescue groups.

Some TV shows portray the Bloodhound as a lazy dog, letting the day pass by as it sits on the couch or on the porch. Although the Bloodhound seems laid-back, it is actually an active and outdoorsy breed. It enjoys romping around with children and does well in vigorous activities.

Bloodhound Dogs and Puppies

What is a Bloodhound?

As household pets, Bloodhounds are gentle and lovable. They are an active breed so they need good and regular exercise. Although Bloodhounds are even-tempered, they can be quite stubborn especially when they become fixated in trailing something.

Know the Bloodhound more and see if this breed has the traits that you want in a pet.

Where does the Bloodhound come from?

According to Animal Planet, the Bloodhound’s area of origin is Belgium and England. They may have been or descended from, the hounds that were bred by monks at the Saint-Hubert Monastery back in the Middle Ages.

Bloodhounds, also called St. Hubert hound and Chien St. Hubert, were originally bred to help hunters trail after deer and wild boar. They were also used to track criminals and missing people. Well, to this day, they are still doing all these although many of them have become household pets.

The name ‘blood’ hound may have been attributed to the breed because of its ability to track after the scent of blood.

What does a Bloodhound look like?

This dog breed is famous of its huge dropping ears, large head, big nose, sunken eyes, and wrinkly face and neck. Because of the sunken eyes and the wrinkles, Bloodhounds have that dignified and mournful look.

Bloodhounds are quite large and can weigh as much as 50 kg to 72 kg. Their coats are short and dense and have the following colors: red, black, tan, red and, liver.

What is a Bloodhound like?

They may be called ‘Bloodhounds’ but they are not really violent or frenzied by blood. They are actually gentle and affectionate. Although they look like they’re lazy and sleepy, they are, on the contrary, active and fond of outdoor activities.

Bloodhounds can be docile but they like to be independent sometimes. If they are interested in tracking a scent, they can be very single-minded and stubborn. It would be a challenge to call their attention once they are determined to trail a scent. They are, after all, designed to be trackers.

They are quite energetic as well and need to be exercised often. Bloodhounds may seem very outgoing because they are playful. But they actually tend to be shy around strangers, especially when they are not socialized often. They are also slow to mature and can drool a lot.

How big are Bloodhound puppies?

As puppies, they are, of course cute. But Bloodhounds are large dogs. They grow quickly and pack up a lot of weight along the way.

According to Kim Campbell Thornton’s book, Bloodhounds, the dog breed can weigh .45 kg at birth. Between 2 months to 3 months, they grow at least a pound every week. At 12 weeks they can grow as much as 5.4 kg to 8 kg. In one year, a male Bloodhound pup can weigh around 40 kg.

How long do Bloodhounds live?

Bloodhounds have a relatively short lifespan. The breed’s average age of death is between 7 to 8 years old. The most common cause of death is bloating or stomach torsion, followed by cancer. When it comes to illnesses, Bloodhounds are very prone to suffering gastrointestinal problems.

How can you train a Bloodhound?

Bloodhounds are quite willful by nature that’s why you have to be positive and more patient when you train them. You have to be loving and assertive when needed. If you mean to housebreak them, you have to start it early.

Training Bloodhounds how to track can be a bit tricky so it’s best to leave this type of training to professionals. But if you want to check out some tips, click here.

How can you clean a Bloodhound’s ears?

This breed’s ear structure gives more room to bacteria, moisture, and debris buildup. That’s why owners need to clean their pets’ ears at least once a week. This can be done by cleaning the outer ears first, then lifting the droopy ‘lobe’ to clean the inside of the ears. Moistened towels and ear cleaning solutions for dogs are used for this process.

Approved by Susan Sprung in December 2017

How much are Bloodhound dogs and puppies?

In Puppyfind, Bloodhound puppies can cost as much as $600 to $1000. Prices vary, depending on the Bloodhound puppy’s pedigree, and the breeders’ credibility and location.

Are Bloodhounds good dogs?

Bloodhounds have a mild demeanor and have every potential to be good household pets. They are great around kids and can generally get on well with other pets in the house.

So, are they good dogs? Well, bloodhounds can be the best dogs they can be if they are provided with love and care.


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