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Dog Breeds: 5 Best Guard Dogs Excellent for Protection

Whatever breed your dog is, they will always (try to) protect you and your family. It’s already in their instinct to guard their masters and their home. However, there are specific breeds who possess traits of being the best guard dogs one can ever have.

In searching for the best guard dog, it’s vital to consider their physical attributes as well as their temperament. Each breed differs from one another and it is important to know if the dog of your choice fits your needs perfectly. Let me help you narrow down your choices by giving you 5 of the best guard dogs you could use for protection.

Dog Breeds: 5 Best Guard Dogs Excellent for Protection

While some dog breeds will alert bark to tell you there’s an intruder, a guard dog will definitely do something to ward off unwanted guests. I’ve trained with a Rottweiler before and it is really shocking to see how these usually scary-looking dogs could make you feel confident in terms of security when you have them for protection. To learn more about the different guardian dog breeds, read on!

1. The Bullmastiff

With their massive built and broad muzzle, intruders will be intimidated for sure. Bullmastiffs are very alert and fearless especially when provoked.

These dogs are very independent and wouldn’t mind being left alone. As a guard dog, the Bullmastiff is very determined to protect his family.

2. The Rottweiler

Rotties are muscular and have a very powerful body. They’re extremely loyal and protective, and will fiercely defend their family when faced with a threat. They need a lot of exercise and love to walk or run in a wide open space.

3. The Doberman Pinscher

This medium-sized pooch has a muscular and compact body. Dobes are full of energy and possess exceptional strength and stamina. As this breed needs an owner who possesses a firm hand in displaying authority, Dobes may not be for everyone.

4. The Belgian Malinois

Having a “square-shaped” body, the Malinois is highly intelligent and obedient. They’re keen observers with a strong territorial instinct, making them one of the best guard dogs there is. However, the Malinois is not for a first-time dog owner as it could be difficult to control if you’re inexperienced.

5. The German Shepherd

The German Shepherd has a well-proportioned and muscular body composed of a solid bone structure. GSDs love vigorous exercise and training. They’re faithful and fearless, and will not think twice about offering their lives for their masters.

If you want a devoted and brave pooch that’s willing to protect you and your home at all costs, the best guard dogs you can choose from are listed above. Their physical strength and courage will surely drive away any possible intruders!


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