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American Foxhound dogs have been around for more than two centuries. Their calm nature makes them an ideal family dog. Their stamina makes them a perfect jogging partner. Most of all, this hound is even-tempered, gentle and loyal. He’s a potential confidant and best friend to any pet parent.  Know more about this breed in the article below.

American Foxhound Dogs and Puppies

Know more about American Foxhound Dogs

American Foxhound dogs are seldom recognized as companion dogs but they can be a best friend to a person or family who loves hounds. He can also be your buddy in running, cycling, or walking on a regular basis. Are you interested in being a Foxhound’s master? If yes, then read on below!

Where do American Foxhounds come from?

The American Foxhounds were the outcome of meticulous breeding from a line of hounds back in 1650. Robert Brooke developed and brought these dogs from England to the US to create a breeding and working pack of black-and-tan foxhounds.

In the mid-to-late 1700s, hounds from England and France were also brought in to boost and enhance the breed.  By that time, the breed gained acknowledgment and fame.

Washington kept, bred, and hunted American Foxhounds. He also maintained records of the best early examples of this breed. After getting some large French Hounds, Washington used these imports to increase the size of his American Foxhounds in 1785.

Moreover, in the 1830s, the American Foxhound was bred with hounds from Ireland to increase their speed.

The American Foxhound is an all-American breed. It is one of the only breeds that truly came from the United States and one of the rarest breeds ever.

The canine’s popularity was because of its skills in hunting and chasing foxes, deer, and coyotes. Through time, this American Foxhound evolved, carrying the attributes of great stamina, love for running and a companion dog.

What Does an American Foxhound look like?

American Foxhounds are big, handsome hounds dogs.

  • long and very straight-boned legs for running purposes
  • long, slightly domed head with a big skull
  • Wide, flat and droopy ears
  • Expressive large and wide-set eyes
  • Slightly upward curved tail

A relatively healthy breed, an American Foxhound can live to an average of 11 to 12 years.

Talking about their height and weight:

  • Males are 22 inches to 25 inches tall and weigh 45 to 65 pounds
  • Females are 21 inches to 24 inches tall and weigh 40 to 60 pounds

How Do American Foxhounds Behave?

This breed is not a home buddy. He will appreciate an open space where he could roam around but if you are living in the city, you have to take note that his howls will be heard miles away.

For foodie dog owners, this dog loves to eat so he can join you while munching. However, he easily gains weight if his food intake is not strictly monitored.

If you have children to consider at home, don’t worry because Foxhounds are pleasant, tolerant and kid-friendly. On the other hand, if you also have other dogs or cats at home, early exposure with each other would be good.

Foxhounds can be stubborn and self-governing. This makes training a bit challenging. In this case, obedience training is important. But you should also develop a better connection with your dog. Establish your position as his master.

How to Groom an American Foxhound?

A Foxhound, same with other hounds, is commonly seen with black, tan and white coat combinations. However, other colors and markings are still acceptable. His short to medium length of coat protects him from briars, burrs, and brush when hunting.

  • Grooming/cleaning a Foxhound is simple and easy.
  • Lightly sheds all year round
  • Consistent weekly brushing is advised to maintain his coat
  • Bathe your Foxhound only when needed

How Much Are American Foxhound Puppies?

The cost of American Foxhound puppies varies depending on the breeder, location and pedigree history. However, American Foxhound puppies have an average price of $400-$550 USD.

What are the Potential Health Problems of an American Foxhound?

Overall, an American Foxhound is a healthy breed. However, he can still be prone to some health concerns which may include:

  • Congenital Deafness
  • Ear infections
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Pelger-Huet anomaly
  • Thrombocytopathy (disorders of the blood platelet and abnormal functioning of the platelets)

How to Train an American Foxhound?

For sporty dog aficionados, the Foxhound can be your jogging partner every morning. Aside from his need for exercise, he will also love it because of his dynamic adrenaline. One to two hours of exercise with side trips a day would suit his extreme hype for physical activities.



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