5 Reasons Why Adopting A Black Dog Is Awesome

by Friday, September 30, 2016

A black dog, along with other black animals, spends the longest time in shelters just because of their color. There’s a phenomenon called “black dog syndrome” wherein black dogs are least favored for adoption. Black dogs are often overlooked in the shelter but little do most people know that a black dog is just as awesome as other dogs!

This October 1, we’re celebrating the National Black Dog Day to honor all the loveable black dogs out there. This dog holiday was founded by Colleen Paige, also the founder of National Dog Day, to raise awareness about how adorable black dogs could be. These beautiful pooches are loving and loyal too just like any of your furry friends out there.

5 Reasons Why Adopting A Black Dog Is Awesome

What better way to celebrate National Black Dog Day than adopting a black four-legged pal? Pick out the best black pooch in the adoption shed and don’t forget to share it with us. Go ahead, I know you won’t be sorry. Here are the reasons why:


1. They Look Good In The Snow

They Look Good In The Snow | 5 Reasons Adopting A Black Dog Is Awesome

Image via Run Haven

With their shiny black coat against the white snow, they’ll surely look good in it. Plus, you won’t have any trouble finding a black furry friend in the snow. Their color will definitely stand out.


2. Perfect Warmers

Perfect Warmers | 5 Reasons Adopting A Black Dog Is Awesome

Image via Musings

Cold winter nights are just around the corner and a black pooch can be your perfect warmer! Because of their color, they absorb heat so all you have to do is hug your furry friend to cozy up your cold nights.


3. Slimming Effect

It’s proven that the black color has a slimming effect and a black pooch is not an exception! Do you want to appear thinner instantly? Go on and drape your precious pooch on your lap.


4. Always Ready for Formal Occasions

Always Ready For Formal Occasions | 5 Reasons Adopting A Black Dog Is Awesome

Image via Etsy

The black color is never out of style and is always elegant. Do you have a formal event to attend? Just put on a bow tie on your black pooch and he’ll surely look stunning!


5. Loving and Loyal

A black dog, just like any other dog, is loving and loyal. Most people associate the color black with evilness. On the contrary, a black pooch probably is more loving, having to spend a longer time in the shelter.


Learn how to improve the color of your black dog’s coat by watching this video by eHowPets:

All dogs, regardless of their color, are loving, loyal, and awesome! This October 1, let’s celebrate National Black Dog day by adopting a black dog from shelters. Stop the black dog syndrome and see how wonderful black dogs can be!


Do you own a black dog? Share your amazing stories with your furry friend in the comments section below. Planning to get a Labrador Retriever? Know more about the breed here.

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