Hello, dog lovers!

At Dog Breeds Journal we don’t care what kind of dog you have as long as you one.  Simply put, if you want to see a happy person find a dog and follow it to its owner.

Here at Dog Breeds Journal our mission is to help you find the right dog breed for your family, lifestyle and home. With access to all the resources you need to help make this very important decision, we will guide and advise you until you are satisfied you have the perfect dog breed for you. With fun dog facts, adorable videos, easy to master tricks and proven training strategies, Dog Breeds Journal is almost as fun as playing with your dog. But it is not.

So go play with him. We will be here waiting. Hoping you will share all your amazing, funny, heartfelt, touching canine adventures with us.

We ALWAYS welcome your feedback, opinions, and guest posts. If you’re interested in working with us or guest posting opportunities, or just want to say hello, drop us a line or send us an email via editor@dogbreedsjournal.com!

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Alpha Diego

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